Empowering tomorrow's innovators

The STEAM educational program present in the best schools and the most amazing companies!

More than the "T" from STEAM 

We inspire children and teenagers by teaching technology and innovation so that they can transform society and build a better future.

We are a Brazilian edtech focused on closing the gap in teaching technology and innovation for children and young people. Our unique approach focuses on teaching all the world's technology axes in an interconnected, curricular format and in an accessible way.

What happens when a child doesn't like programming or robotics? STEAM is not just for the areas closest to Technology and our mission is to empower the innovators of tomorrow, who are in our homes and classrooms right now.

What we do?

We have created an all-in-one solution for teaching skills for the 21st century. In order to merge home activities and school activities during the curriculum series shift, we are the perfect partners in learning coding, arts, mechanical engineering, architecture and much more. A school material that goes beyond expectations.

All this in a product that is accompanied by international school curricula and tailor-made taking into account the age of the students.

What would your life be like if you had learned to program in your early school years? Or if you had learned at the age of 8 what a flowchart is?

These questions don't need to be questions for future generations, Tecnolokid is here to help schools that want an amazing partner, companies that want to support their employees' children and parents that want a family-oriented product.

Learn a little more about our product and understand our proposal.

The OLO platform

With cartoons, e-books, games, exercises and hands-on experiences, our students will never want to stop learning.
In each Tecnolokid class, the student will have access to all these items. There are no repeated classes, unless the student chooses to see the class again. :)


Unique cartoons that make lessons more understandable for students of all ages.


E-books with images and videos for everyone to understand easily.


Games that educate and entertain in equal measure.


Medals, rankings and challenges that involve and engage.

We have much more to show. Contact us using the form below for more information and product demonstrations.